Day Five

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Mark 12:30

Thoughts for Day Five:

The Lord has set the stage and painted of a very clear picture of our need to now be transformed and changed by the Word and Spirit, the purpose healing and transformation serves, and the first step to cooperating in the process. Today we will see in Scripture which areas are to be set apart and transformed. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 enlightens us. Our whole spirit, soul, and body. God desires each of these three parts be wholly sanctified completely. When we go back to day two we read again Jesus’s prayer and the declaration we will be sanctified by His Word, the Word of God. The Bible on your shelf or table. The words in the app that may not have been accessed in a while. The words we may find ourselves turning to last, before all else, when stagnation, brokenness, or the need for reviving is in order.

The Word, when consumed daily, will slowly but ever so assuredly begin to transform the way we think, perceive and interact with the world. Our mind, a subset of the physical brain organ, is a powerful place. It is a mega processor guiding and directing our bodies, based on the input our senses provide it. When we change how the mind processes information as it is increasingly exposed to more truth from God’s Word, our body will also respond. Our emotions will change. Our relationships will take on new meaning and life. We, day to day, glory to glory, become more Christ-like, reflecting light and love to those around us. All while God meets us where we are, and provides us the very grace, strength, encouragement, life, and hope we know we need.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your Word!!! Thank You for sanctifying and transforming us with Your Word! Holy Spirit, create in us a hunger for the Word of God. Create in us a healthy desire to go to the Word of God first thing, each morning, to receive the sustenance our spirit, soul, body, and relationships need for that day. Continue to reveal to us those areas where we may be challenged, yet willing to trust You to help us grow and transform some degree forward in our thoughts, feelings, physical well-being and relationships with those closest to us. Thank You Lord for loving us and showing us what You desire for us, and how You go about making it so. In Jesus’s Name, amen.


Five days in, a gathering, and more information. Are you more comfortable with the nutrition portion of the commitment? Are you feeling confident you will be able to plan and prep in a way that suits your family's needs? Today is a great day to reach out and get those final details, if you're still not quite sure.

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