Preparing for Week One

After several days of receiving information on goals, devotion time, nutrition, fitness, sleep, supplements, and stress, we will soon be applying what we have learned. We will also begin to invest more time into the Rise Up Commitment, be intentional about our connections, and be more aware of where we find ourselves on the faith journey to becoming whole ~ spirit, soul and body.

I hope you're excited, ready and looking forward to the ten weeks ahead!

If you feel unprepared, please let me set your mind at ease. This first week is intended to help us become more comfortable with the components, prior to implementing. It is also intended to allow you the freedom to ask questions throughout the week and equip you to set realistic goals for your "sweet spot" in week two.

No need to put pressure on yourself to execute with perfection.

Attached you will find two things. The first is a planner for the week. The planner is intended to assist you in planning and preparing for the week ahead. Each of our four areas of focus are diagrammed, and ready for you to print and fill out. The second item is a bookmark for you to use however you see fit! Maybe in your Bible, or in the Rise Up Commitment guide? I hope both are a blessing to you!

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