Scripture for each day of the ten week commitment are all included in this daily guide. At the beginning of each day, the verses for the day may be find in the upper left hand corner of the "odd" page.

The intent is to read through the verses, as well as respond to the Holy Spirit's leading, and glean what He is speaking uniquely to our heart.

Be encouraged to follow these suggestions:

1. Identify and highlight key points

2. Ask key questions

3. Offer up praises and prayers to the Lord

Please remember to connect with other gals in the commitment. It is always insightful to share what the Lord may be speaking to each of us individually, in an effort to share one unified message.Before we get into the tips for devotions, please keep this in mind. The tips are just tips, methods that have been found helpful – NOT rules to try to stick to, or pieces of information to make us feel bad about ourselves, or overwhelm us.

This commitment is about becoming WHOLE – spirit, soul and body, and that should feel GOOD (but yes, it may be uncomfortable…I’m sure Jesus felt good in His soul while He was obeying God and providing a way of redemption for the world, but I cannot even fathom the discomfort and pain He experienced while He hung on the cross as He did so). This is not about identifying more ways we may not be “measuring up”. It is about discovering opportunities where we can make decisions that help us to become whole, and depend on Christ to empower us in each decision of each day, to do so. That being said, let’s get into the tips. I realize each of us are on a different point of the spectrum when it comes to devotions and our faith. Some of us already have a very well established routine, while some of us have nothing at all (and that’s OK). 

Still some of us desire, and have the conviction in our heart, to receive the Lord’s “manna” each morning to fuel each day as God’s desire. Some of us do not see, or even buy into, the notion at all. This is all OK. We are all starting somewhere, with the goal to encourage one another to get to the next point on the spectrum, even if the next point is a micron further (God will work with it all).

Here are suggestions for getting into Scripture:

  1. Check out the devotions for the week on Sunday.
  2. Ask God to reveal what you need to see in the Scripture.
  3. Have a pre-read for the week, on Sunday, if you have time.
  4. Read the Scripture of the day
  5. If you have a commute to work, listen on your phone.
  6. If you get to workout at lunch, listen to the chapter while you workout.
  7. Mid afternoon break? Have a read there.
  8. Read a translation that resonates with you.
  9. If time allows, write what you believe God was sharing with you, or make a note in your Bible.
  10. Share with the group if you have a revelation.
  11. Share with the group if you have a question and would like prayer for understanding.
  12. Pray God begin to make His Word VERY REAL in your life

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