Day Four

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:14, Matthew 18:4, James 4:10, 1 Peter 5:6

Thoughts for Day Four:

As we move forward with aligning our thoughts with the Lord’s Word over the course of the commitment and beyond, we likely will see a need for a posture of humility. In fact, we’ve already prayed the Lord help us to be humble. Let us now pray for a movement throughout the course of the Rise Up Commitment with open minds, softened hearts and humility to be able to see what He is revealing to us, hear what He is speaking uniquely to each of our hearts, and accept both. Today’s Scripture assures us, coming before the Lord humbly assures us He will hear us from heaven, forgive and restore us, and lift us up in honor. It behooves us, then, to wrestle what may be a giant of pride, or self-reliance, or an assuming nature – rather than rest with it, and allow God to speak to us.

In free willingly approaching the Lord with humility, we create an opportunity for Him to lift us, or cause us to rise up. The term “lift up”, or exalt, according to the Strong’s concordance, means God will then raise us to the very summit of abundance and prosperity or raise to dignity, honor, and happiness – in Christ. These are blessings I imagine each of us desires to have in our lives. Dignity. Honor. Happiness.

Prayer: I pray as we continue forward, we do so from a place of humility. As we dig deeper into what it means to be sanctified by the Lord and reflect the character of Jesus, Lord help us humbly accept Your Words and truths, and allow those elements to transform the way we think, rather than holding onto thoughts not aligned with You. Free us from thoughts or mindsets or positions that may be prohibiting or stunting forward momentum of the transformation Christ desires for us. I pray we see the importance of approaching each day on this journey with humility, understanding His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. And we have a mighty Counselor ready and willing to lead from within us and see us through to the place He has laid claim to in our lives. {see Isaiah 55:8 & John 14:26}.


​​​​​​​In getting into God's Word, planning and preparing, and moving our bodies this week, hopefully we've been reaching out to and connecting with others in the process. This is so important. Knowing we have strong, healthy connections we can look to for the support and encouragement we need, when we need it, is extremely important for seeing the Rise Up Commitment through to the end. It is also important we are not alienating our loved ones, while participating. I imagine each of us would like our family members to beam with pride at the closing ceremony and dinner, rather than be bummed or God forbid shooting daggers at us, because we inadvertently "left them out" of the process.

Today, be encouraged to spend time ensuring you're connected with your spouse, partner, or children. Check in with them and see how they're doing.

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