Day Six

Scripture: John 17:17-18, Psalm 119:25, Psalm 119:28, Psalm 119:37, Psalm 119:114, Psalm 119:143

Thoughts for Day Six:

As if needed, the Word of God does so much more than renew our minds and sanctify our entire being completely. The Word of God, as the psalmist in Psalm 119 shares the word also: revives, refreshes, renews, strengthens, restores, is a source of hope, and brings joy when pressure and stress are bearing down. It’s possible when reading about being transformed, set apart, and becoming a reflection of Christ for those around us, we have a difficult time accepting or receiving what the Lord is speaking. It may have nothing to do with pride, but everything to do with being hurt, exhausted, or both.

Our circumstances and current situations may keep us from seeing any need beyond what is right in front of us, which is to feed our souls. Many may be feeling listless, dried out, weak, broken, hopeless, stagnant, or stressed to the max. God’s Word will meet us there, too! The Holy Spirit, the mighty Comforter, coupled with the Word of God WANTS to come into those places of discomfort, and heal at the root what may be causing the symptoms. Again, taking the time honestly assess, pray and seek what may be going on, is in order. Might we be wrestling with pride? Or might we simply be so worn down and tattered, we cannot see beyond our personal circumstances? There’s no judgment in being honest. God already knows. But there is freedom, deliverance and a new life in allowing God’s Word and Spirit, in.

Prayer: Lord, revive us! Restore and give new life and energy to us! Fill every nook and cranny in our spirit, soul, and body with Your Word and Spirit. Bring healing and restoration in every place YOU KNOW we need to be touched. Places we may not even be aware we need healing. Allow us to accept right where we are, but know and trust You are taking us where You need us to be. You are positioning us to move beyond where we found ourselves in this moment. Our thoughts are changing. Our feelings are aligning. Our bodies are more intentionally becoming a reflection and honorable temple of the living God of the Universe. Thank you, Lord, for You are good and Your faithfulness will show us all we need to see as we close week one of the Rise Up Commitment. In Jesus Christ’s Name we thank You and praise You, amen.


Did you know you don't necessarily need to go for a jog or walk in order to get your heart rate up? You might (especially in these first several days of the Rise Up Commitment) try, and enjoy, stretching. There are different types of stretching, from relaxed and easy moving, to more "active" and invigorating. There are even certain sequences that energize and get you going, which may be helpful right now, especially if already feeling fatigued and malaise. Don't know where to start? Don't feel like going to a class? NO problem! I came across some core strengthening poses to move to. Play your favorite instrumental music, incorporate deep breathing, and enjoy!


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