Fitness Tips


Moving on to exercise tips for the challenge. This one will be unique for everyone. Some may simply want to walk every day, and focus more on the food and devotions portion. Others may hope to see some fat loss and choose to incorporate HIIT and a couple strength sessions. Still others may be very well versed in what their body needs to build and lean out, and may do some power lifting throughout the challenge. Regardless, there are some tips on getting it into your day:

1. Plan ahead – know the family’s schedules and schedule it into your day 

2. Pack your clothes the night before.

3. Keep your appointment for exercise like you would for the doctor (and I’m not talking about the annual exam appointment ;)! )

4. Work out where you are comfortable. If that is at home, or in the gym, go wherever you will be confident to go and get it done.

5. Enlist a partner if you know you will keep your commitment if someone is relying on you to show up.

6. When you don’t want to do it, visualize how you will feel when you reach your goals…this may motivate you to get over the current feeling you have, to not go.

7. Ask God to give you a swift kick in the hiney and just go already (I say that with love)! Time and time again I have not WANTED to go, but after I did, I felt so much better. Those endorphins baby, gotta love ‘em!

8. Look at it as BONUS time with God. God is my work out partner, and we have a great time together during my workouts. Countless times He reveals things to me as I am completing a set, or getting my cardio in. Seriously, one of the best partners ever!

9. Drink your water.

10. Remember, it isn’t all about cardio, especially if you’re looking to create shape in your body.

11. Be patient with yourself and go at a rate that challenges you, yet sets you up for success.

12. Have your post work out meal ready to go and consume within an hour following your session.

Lessons Learned

During previous commitments, many took it “easy” during the first several days of the Whole30 portion. I personally ended up working out a lot less than I had planned. While others made sure to get several work outs in each week. The key is to listen to your body and move accordingly. Maybe you’re not feeling so hot, but a nice, brisk walk will help “ease the pain”. Maybe your “tiger blood” kicked in and you are ready to tear it up. By all means, tear it up!

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