Time. We are going to consider the time it will take to invest throughout the course of the ten week Rise Up Commitment. As you may already be noting, it will require some time to incorporate all the commitment has outlined. Be encouraged to break each area into bite sized piece.

  • Allow at least 15 minutes for the devotional. Doing a time study in the past, it takes about two minutes to read the devotions, allowing about 13 minutes to dig into Scripture and pray. This is a great start point. If you know 2 minutes is all you have right now, the devotion content itself may be a great start point, with the goal work up to more time in God’s Word. Trust me, He will multiply any amount of time we are willing and able to give.
  • Allot approximately 7 – 8 hours per week for the nutrition. I know this seems like a lot! But we can break it down into the following ways:
  • Saturday: Plan meals for the week, create grocery list, pick up groceries (~ 1.5 hours)
  • Sunday: Cut veggies, prepare meat, make dressings, boil eggs, bake breakfast dishes (~ 2 hours)
  • Sunday – Saturday: Daily dinner meal preparation (~ 4 hours)
  • If kiddos and/or hubby help out, time may be reduced. PLUS – you’ve just created a great learning and bonding opportunity :)
  • Designate approximately 1.5 – 3.5 hours per week for fitness. Ideally we will be able to break the time for fitness up into 30 minute increments. Everyone will be at different fitness levels with different goals. Below is what a week may look like:
  • Monday – Walk 30 minutes
  • Tuesday – Rest with Christ centered stretching 30 minutes
  • Wednesday – Walk 30 minutes
  • Thursday – Strength conditioning 30 minutes
  • Friday – Walk 30 minutes
  • Saturday – Strength conditioning 30 minutes
  • Sunday – Rest with Christ centered stretching 30 minutes

In a later lesson you will be encouraged to consider what your goals for the commitment might be. This is where we desire to challenge ourselves yet remain realistic and aligned with where we sense God would have us focus. We call this the sweet spot. Every Sunday is a great time to plan the week ahead by taking a look at you and your family’s schedule and planning each of these areas accordingly. Then, follow through during the week.

In those moments when tempted to bow out, be encouraged to revisit “WHY” you were motivated to take on the commitment in the first place. Also, please reach out to any one of us on this journey with you and we will encourage you in the fleeting moment of weakness.

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